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African Beeswax


We are happy to offer trade quantities of high quality African Beeswax.

Our African beeswax is currently sourced directly from farmers in East Africa after which it is processed into clean beeswax block compliant with European Union Import Regulations.

We are also able to offer high quality refined granulated African beeswax which is certified to the current European Pharmacopaeia standard

Minimum orders of 25 KG  with supply capability of up to 50 tonnes per annum  (we are also able to ship 16-18 tonne container)


Yellow beeswax: yellow or light-brown solid that is somewhat brittle when cold and presents a dull, granular, non-crystalline fracture when broken; it becomes pliable at about 35 degrees . It has a characteristic odour of honey.


Glazing agent; release agent; stabilizer; texturizer for chewing gum base; carrier for food additives (including flavours and colours); clouding agent


Solubility – Insoluble in water; sparingly soluble in alcohol; very soluble in ether


Melting range 62 – 65 degrees

Acid value  17 – 24

Peroxide value not more than 5

Saponification value 87 -104

Carnauba wax – Passes test

Ceresin, paraffins – Passes test

Fats, Japan wax, rosin and soap – Passes test

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