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Honey Extraction Service

London / South East / Surrey 

We know lots of people who like keeping bees but either don’t have the space / equipment / time or don't actually enjoy extracting honey.

Honey extraction can be a messy business, so we have invested in a state of the art extraction line to make the process quick and efficient.

We are now happy to offer a good value extraction service to beekeepers without equipment or time to do it themselves.

Extraction Charges

£11 per super if you leave the wax cappings

£13 per super if you want to take the cappings away.

Your honey will be double strained into a bucket which you can supply yourself or buy from us for £4.50 each. If you do want to take the wax cappings home with you then you will need a second bucket.

If you want to collect your honey in jars then see below!

Jarring like extraction can be a messy job especially without the correct equipment! We offer a jarring service, this can be from honey extracted at home or in our honey room through our extraction services.

Jarring Charges

60p per jar - We supply the jars (190ml panel jar which holds approx 240g of honey or 110ml hex jars which hold approx 140g of honey) 

If you would like a different size jar or to supply your own jars, please get in touch to discuss options.

If you would also like your jars labeled we can do this for an additional 5p per jar for up to 2 labels per jar. We do not supply labels so they need to be provided to us prior to this service.

Delivery / Collection of Supers

You can drop off your supers to us in Dorking or Surbiton or we may be able to collect from you if you are near one of our regular routes.

For collection outside our regular route, we charge 40p per mile from Surbiton (KT5)