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Bees in the wildflower patch

Written by Sameer Ghai


Posted on July 12 2015

Bees in the Wildflower Patch - We have a few hives in Croydon which are positioned on a roof top right in front of a large piece of unused land full of wildflowers.  Of all the colonies we have, this little patch seems to produce the tastiest honey.  It’s very light in colour and has a very fruity taste, almost like black berry or some type of berry !! The other positive outcome of having the colonies here is the amount of nectar and the period of flow.  It seems like the flow starts early in spring and goes right thorough all the way to late august with a short gap in mid June.  It’s amazing how quickly the colonies build up here and fill up on stores.  If only we had some more space for a few more hives.  I’m hoping to track down the landlord of the land next to our little area and try to get a little more space for a few more colonies next year.

I took a few photos of one of the colonies.  Its bursting with bees and has already collected a huge amount of nectar.  We are already on super no 4 and the main nectar flow is only just started!!  AMAZING:

London Bee Company - honeybees

It’s a nice little patch, I managed to get a quick bee view of what they wake up to every morning:

London Bee Company - honeybees 2

London Bee Company - honeybees

And some capped honey ready to go:

London Bee Company - capped honey