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New Apiary Setup

Written by Sameer Ghai


Posted on July 13 2015

New Apiary Setup - In a bid to keep our colonies spread around, we had started preparing a new site as the home for our new 2015 colonies in the early spring.   Having been given quite a generous space to use, we cleared all the weeds and set down some chip wood to help keep the weeds at bay (which has partially worked).  After a lot of work and a fairly promising start to the 2015 season, we have our newest addition to the London Bee family:

London Bee Company - Apiary

London Bee Company - Apiary 2


There is still plenty of space, so if we can, we will try to add a few more colonies to the site, and hope they build up strong before we set them down for the winter this year.

We are currently out of the office till the 3rd of February as we prepare equipment for the upcoming season.  Any orders will be delivered after this.  We will however respond to any emails / queries during this period